Who am I?

Already interested in computer since when I was younger, my interest turned into a true passion when I was about 15 years old. I loved experimenting with motherboards, GPUs and others components. I also discovered programing and development on the Internet and in my studies, and I have spent a tremendous amount of time learning these things since 2018.

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My curriculum

After graduated from the baccalauréat program (French High School Diploma) with honours, I decided to study in Computer Science. I chose the Cursus Master en Ingénierie, a french university curriculum at the Franche-Comté's University, where I am currently in my third year of the program. The CMI is an equivalent for the Master of Engineering Program.

Learn more about CMI The Computer Sciences CMI curriculum in Besançon

My projects

Pang game screenshot


Developped during the Software Engineering Initiation Project of my 1st year.
Play a man from Franche-Comté who wants to destroy all the balloons using objects from his dear region. Inspired from the retrogame Pang.

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Discord Bot

Discord bot

A Discord bot, which made me discover JavaScript and Heroku. Interact with our class group. Since rewritten in Python.

See the code on Github
Screenshot of the website

Website of the R&Day 2020

Website done for the R&Day 2020, an event made by the student of the IT CMI to raise awareness among digital security.

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My Github

Please feel free to browse through some of my projects either created for the college or on my free time.

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